How Can I Save Fuel In My Ford?

Here are some ways to make every drop of fuel count with every mile you take:

  • Replacing oil, during servicing, can help your car run more efficiently.
  • Make sure your wheels are aligned correctly. We can do this for you!
  • Use a gauge to check your tyre pressures regularly. The correct PSI and BAR are marked on a chart: it’s inside your door.
  • Things dragging you down? If there’s any unnecessary weight in your car, take it out and leave it at home.
  • If you don’t need your roof rack or box, say goodbye to it.
  • When the air-con’s on, it can use more fuel. So, try not to use it too much
  • When you’re driving, an open window or sunroof can affect your car’s aerodynamics. But closed, they’re more efficient.
  • Also, try to accelerate smoothly, avoid high speeds, and always change gear before the engine revs too highly.


How Can I Save Fuel In My Ford?
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