How Can I Save Fuel In My Car?

Everyone likes a saving. Here are some ways to make every drop of fuel count with every mile you take:

At high speeds, keep windows closed to improve the aero dynamics. This also includes taking off a roof box/ racks, if you have one, when it is not in use. If there’s any unnecessary weight in your car, take it out and leave it at home.

Simply slow down.

Being sensible on the road can help you improve your fuel consumption. Slowing your car down, sensibly, will show you dramatic significance to your fuel levels. Try driving at a constant speed, if you can, with less braking and accelerating. Always look ahead of the road and don’t try to speed up to the car in front of you.

Relating to sensible driving, changing into the higher gears means your car is not using lots of revs. Get into the higher gears sooner rather than later.

Interestingly, according to the AA, Automatic cars use 10%-15% more fuel than manuals!

How Can I Save Fuel In My Car?
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