What is Ford SYNC 4?

Back in 2007, Ford released their first generation of SYNC. At the time it allowed you to take hands-free phone calls, control your music, and use voice commands which as we know can be very hit and miss!

Since then, Ford have bought out many SYNC systems and we are now in the hands of SYNC 4. But what makes it different from previous generations? For example, SYNC 3?

At the moment you will find Sync 4 on the New Ford Focus and Mustang Mach-e. It will soon be available on the New Ford Kuga. What you will find is an upgraded 13.2-inch screen in the Focus which is quite a bit bigger than the SYNC 3 screen.

So what are the new features of SYNC 4?

Voice Control has become more sophisticated with ‘cloud connected technology’ which continues to update its vocabulary. This makes it a lot easier to understand people with different accents, speech patterns, and means you can be more ‘conversational’ when you are trying to change your song, send a message or get to your next destination. (You will probably find yourself shouting less at the car!)

Another handy feature is Ford Power-Up software updates, you no longer have to wait and approve an update. This means that your car will always be up to date. All you need to do is go into the settings and press automatic updates. All of this done once you turn the vehicle off and once you’re ready to go again, it will be updated. It really couldn’t be any easier.Ford Focus 13.2-inch infotainment screen

Wireless Control is something that we can all be grateful for. WIRES ARE A NUISANCE. With SYNC 4 you can connect your Android or your Apple phone to Android Auto or Apple CarPlay without any wires!!!!!! It couldn’t be any easier to access your favourite apps.

Although some of us may not read it, it’s always handy to have an owner’s manual. Gone are the days of having a 500-page book because you now have a Digital Owner’s Manual. Through your SYNC screen you will get an ‘easy-to-see visual guide to your car’. Within there you will find all you need to know about your car, including how-to videos and information on your vehicles features.

One big change that you will find is that the heating controls are no longer physical buttons. All of that is done via the tool bar at the bottom of the touchscreen.

If you would like to find out some more about Ford SYNC 4, click the link to the video and if you want to come and try it for yourself, come on down and see us.

What is Ford SYNC 4?