I would just like to say it has been a great pleasure to purchase a new car from you.  It is worth the 200 mile round trip to deal with your company. 

James has looked after us again magnificently even bringing the car to us up in Sheffield. We know we have nothing to worry about and have great confidence in James (we have bought cars from James for the last 15 years) and his expertise. 

As for the car, both myself and Jo have said the new Kuga is a great a driving experience, one we haven’t had since probably the 3rd SMax we had. There is a massive difference from the last Kuga and our new PHEV. 

The PHEV is our first electric car (not full electric) and you would not know it was one as there seems very little difference with performance.  

The whole experience has just been fantastic and feel free to use all or part of this in anyway you like to promote your business.

Once again thank you to James and Buckingham Ford.