What I drive

I’m speaking to more and more people who are torn between the purr of a petrol engine and the future-friendliness of electric cars.

And I really get it – we all know the world needs to get greener, but when you’ve GOT to get from A to B, charging time and range anxiety are serious concerns.

With still limited charging infrastructure available in the UK, the fear of running out of battery power is really quite serious, and those longer stops for fuelling up?

There are only so many service station sandwiches one can take.

Thankfully there’s a solution that bridges the gap in this automotive divide, and it’s one that I’ve actually turned to myself this year.

Enter the plug-in hybrid – the perfect halfway house between petrol/diesel engines and electric.

PHEVs feature an electric motor and battery pack so you can enjoy emission-free driving over short distances and embrace your inner eco-warrior.

Then when you need a little extra oomph, the trusty petrol engine kicks back in and comes to the rescue; ideal when you need that extra reassurance for longer trips.

I’m driving a Ford Kuga PHEV at the moment and consistently getting 50mpg, plus half my miles are on self-generated electric.

No need to wait around to recharge and cutting my fuel bills in half, all while helping me drive greener and do my bit for the environment.

I’m not sure if you’re in the market for a new motor at the moment, but if you are – shall we have a chat about finding you a PHEV?

If you want to hang onto that unmistakable driving experience behind the wheel and lower your fuel bills at the same time, it’s a great solution.

Contact us now and we can discuss some options. We have some great used Kuga PHEV stock or you can opt for a brand new one.

01280 812121 or sales@buckinghamford.co.uk

What I drive