Hi Ian, 

I've heard that you have been looking for me. Well I am sorry to tell you that i no longer live in Buckingham. I didn't do anything wrong thanks to you keeping me fit and healthy, but one day last year nasty Brian Cant parked me in a lay-by with a ''For Sale'' notice on my windscreen. Lots of people came along and started kicking my tyres and pepping under my bonnet. I really only let you guys do that. Talk about embarrassing. Well i can tell you i was very put out and frightened but i need not have worried because you have kept me so fit and shiny i soon found a new family who appreciated what you had done for me.

After the shock of being cast off by HIM i must admit things have not been too bad. My boot does not get filled with rubbish as much, so fewer trips to the dreaded tip. (good job he didn't leave me there). I do carry more children around now so my seats get dirtier with sweets and dirty shoes so i would have really appreciated your kind offer to give me a full valet. I did enjoy the TLC you gave me on every visit to Buckingham Ford.

I do hope one day my new master will allow me to visit for old times sake.