Missing batteries

EVs in the headlines again this week, with new Brexit trade rules causing a big headache.

They want electric cars produced in Europe to use batteries made within the UK or the EU – only problem is, there aren’t enough of those batteries yet.

The new rules could cost European carmakers a whopping £3.75 billion in the next three years – which would likely make electric cars more expensive for regular folks like us.

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association is worried the rules could also reduce the number of cars made in Europe by about 480,000, which would probably lead to even longer delays than we’ve already experienced over the last three years.

(You can read more about the problem here)

So if you’re thinking of going electric in the future, chances are you’d be better off doing it sooner rather than later.

I’ve been driving a Ford Kuga PHEV for the last year and a half (I wasn’t quite ready to take the leap to a full-on EV and all the charging stops that come with it!) – I’m still consistently getting 50mpg, plus half my miles are on self-generated electric.

Fuel bills cut in half, no waiting around for charging, and I’m just enjoying doing things a bit more greenly too.

If you’d like a chat about PHEVS, or how you could drive greener, lower your fuel bills and avoid long waits in the future for an EV, hit reply or give us a buzz on the number below.

And I’d love to know – what’s your take on all this now that Rishi’s pushed back the new combustion engine car ban to 2035? Will you now be holding out longer to go electric, or are you getting ready to take the plunge ahead of the ban (whenever it happens!)?


Missing batteries