How Do I Demist My Car?

Here’s how to demist your car in eight quick steps.


• To start with, make sure your engine’s running so you can check if the heating and ventilation systems work.

• Does your Ford have a MAX button on your heating and ventilation controls? If so, you can switch everything on at once.

• The display on your dashboard shows it’s working.

• If your car doesn’t have a MAX button, no problem. Here’s another way to do it.

• Turn the fan to full power and turn the temperature to the highest setting.

• Next, turn the air conditioning on at the front of your car.

• This starts circulating the air and helps remove any moisture inside the car, causing the windows to clear.

• Make sure you turn off ‘Recirc’ because this directs condensation to the outside of your vehicle.Open your windows slightly to help with airflow.

How Do I Demist My Car?
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