What is a Car Service Plan?

What is a car service plan?

A car service plan is a contract which is offered by dealerships and garages.  They allow the customer to get a set amount of services for a set price over a period of time.

It covers all scheduled services and allows you to budget as the price stays the same until the service plan ends. This helps prevent any unexpected extra bills or higher prices from inflation.

Different dealerships offer different service plans and the customer has a choice depending on what they require. The customer can choose a service plan by their mileage which means the service plan is tailored to the customer and their car.

Most dealerships have two payment options.

Either make an upfront payment or spread your costs through monthly payments.

There are a few requirements to be eligible for a service plan so it is always worth checking with the place you are getting it from first.

The customer will receive their service plan in writing and all is taken care for at their chosen garage/dealership.
Any repairs that need fixing additional to the service will most likely be an added extra as the service plan only covers your upcoming services.

Are car servicing plans worth it?

Having a car service plan reassures the customer that they have already paid for their service in advance. The cost of parts and labour is a fixed price so there is no need to worry about additional costs.

The price stays the same until the contract ends. The customers car will also be fitted with manufacturer parts which allows the car to remain as original as possible.

One of the main benefits is allowing the customer to budget their services. By spreading out the cost, the customer is not hit with a large bill upfront.

What is a Car Service Plan?
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