What does a full service include?

A general service checks the condition of your car and assesses everything from general wear and tear to fluids, the engine and brakes. Services vary by model and manufacturer, some vehicles will follow a three-year cycle of minor service, interim service and major service, where some manufacturers have smoothed the three-year cycle out to have a minor service followed by two years of interim style services spreading the replacement of parts across these to spread the cost.

A typical major service for a petrol engine car could include:

  1. A replacement oil filter and new oil.
  2. Checking of all Hydraulic fluids and coolant levels.
  3. Checking correct operation of all lights
  4. Ensuring the engine and gearbox are running correctly
  5. Inspect all steering components
  6. Take the wheels off to inspect all brakes
  7. Inspect all wheels and tyres for damage wear and pressure
  8. Test and check battery condition
  9. Inspect the underside of the car for damage and wear
  10. Inspect cooling system for leaks and operation
  11. Replace air filter and pollen filters
  12. Inspect suspension for leaks, corrosion and wear.
  13. Replace fuel filters where appropriate
  14. Replace spark plugs

This list will not be the full check as there will typically be over 50 items to check off before major service is complete.

A full service usually takes around 3 hours to complete because of all the checks.

What does a full service include?
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