Why is my automatic stop/start not working?


( Check out our video above where our Service Manager, Chris, will go through reasons why your stop-start might not be working and what to make sure you do! )


A lot of us love our stop-start system in our cars! But we don’t love it as much when it doesn’t seem to be working…

You will know when the stop-start has stopped working because there will be an A in a circle with a line through it that will appear in the dash!


Here are some of the reasons why:


  • Specific kit that you have switched on the stop-start can monitor your battery and how much power is currently being drawn from it. For example, it’s cold and you have switched on the lights, wipers and heater, so it might decide that cutting the battery won’t help! The battery’s most important job is ensuring that the engine starts, and the computer knows that, so it will disable the stop-start just in case!


  • When in reversing gear or if a parking aid is active the system realises that there might be a high chance that you are manoeuvring and will believe that cutting the engine out every few seconds won’t be effective for the driver and what they might be trying to do. But, when on a steep hill it should still work!


  • Due to the cold weather stop-start won’t intervene when the engine is too cold, this is due to the car’s computer being sufficiently savvy knowing that an engine is most efficient when it’s fully warm! Due to this, the computer will keep the engine running so that it will then be an optimal temperature.


  • Not driving more due to COVID – this one is nobody’s fault, but not driving it as much can drain the battery, the battery needs to be at least 75% charge or more for the stop-start to work effectively!


  • One of the simple reasons – your battery might need checking!


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Why is my automatic stop/start not working?