What is CARSAN1?

 What we are now offering with our vehicle service, is a FREE anti- bacterial fogger!

At Buckingham Ford, every Service will now come with a FREE anti- bacterial fogger, which usually costs £19.99! To protect you and your passengers.

Don’t know what a “fogger” does? It removes 99.9% of bacterial from the car interior and air conditioning.

If you need just an MOT, then you will also be able to get this anti-bacterial fogger at the reduced price for only £9.99!

This will include:

  • Total sanitation of your car interior and air conditioning system
  • Safe for all surfaces inc cloth, leather, metal and plastics
  • Effective against 99.9% of bacteria yeast and all known enveloped virus including coronavirus (as at 1/6/20)

For more information, just visit https://www.buckinghamford.co.uk/servicing-and-sanitation.php

What is CARSAN1?