What fees are there when buying a car?

When buying a car, there are a few costs to add into the overall price of the car.

Administration Fees.

Some car sales outlets charge administration fees when a customer buys a car, it depends on where you go. The fees are usually for doing a new car check, covering costs for checking that a part-exchange has not suffered severe accident damage or if it has remaining finance or a used car preparation cost.

Other fees likely to be encountered are fees to retain/transfer cherished registration plates or to remove/ fit added accessories. All fees should be transparent with the customer and shown to them before anything is official. Most dealerships are upfront with their pricing and will be able to explain why fees have been added.


A customer may have the budget to buy the car however they need to consider other costs of having the car. This includes the price of MOT/ servicing , car tax per year , cost of fuel, and insurance. Most dealerships offer a service plan which comes at an extra cost but can be incorporated into the customers monthly payments of the car. The customer should plan their monthly payments around their lifestyle and outgoings per month.

The salesperson will go through all of the extras for individuals and their budget, making it stress free for the customer when it comes to additional costs. 









What fees are there when buying a car?
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