How much will it cost to charge my electric car?

The cost of charging your electric car entirely depends on where you are charging it. There are many places you can charge your car such as charging it from home or using a public charging point.

Public charging.

Using a Public charging point usually requires you to have a swipe card or mobile app to unlock the charging point. If you own a Ford, for example, a FordPass charging subscription means you pay for your charging using the ‘pay as you go’ method. Each time you charge, you’ll receive a notification shortly after, with the details of your charge and the cost that will be billed to you.

If you are on the motorway, there are only certain stations that provide electric charging points. “Ecotricity” has over 300 electric vehicles charge points at motorway services and costs 30p per kWh. If you are a member then you will get this half price.

Home charging.

There are two ways to charge your car from home, through a standard Uk socket or a fast charging point which you will have to have installed by an approved contractor. Charging your car overnight can reduce the cost considerably, if you are on a Economy electricity tariff.  The cost will be added onto your electricity bill, the same way you would pay for using extra electricity in your home.


How much will it cost to charge my electric car?
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