How Do I Adjust The Speed Of My Windscreen Wipers?

Not sure how to adjust the speed of your wipers? Whether you are in a light shower, heavy rain or  even just a drop on the windscreen. Here is how they work;

• The wiper controls are on a stalk, next to your steering wheel.
• You don’t have to take your hand off the wheel because the stalk is easily reachable.
• Try testing it out, move the stalk up and down. You’ll feel it click into three different positions.
• Don’t test the wipers on a dry windscreen: it can damage the blades and scratch the glass.
• Position 1: This is the neutral position, the wipers are ‘off’ and will stay off unless clicked into another position.
• Position 2: ‘Bounce’ the stalk down once and the wipers will make a single swipe. This is useful if you get a sudden splash of water on the screen.
• Position 3: go back to the ‘off’ position, push the stalk up one notch. It will click and stay in place.
• The wipers will wipe intermittently to a set timing.
• Position 4: Push the stalk up to the next notch.
• The wipers will now swipe continuously.
• Position 5: Push the stalk up as far as it will go.
• The wipers will work at high speed.
• On the wiper stalk, you’ll find a dial. Turn it up to set a shorter interval between each wipe.
• Turn it down to set a longer interval between each wipe.
• Now for your rear wiper.
• Pull the stalk towards you. The washer and wiper will work together.

And there you have it, you will be able to see clearer out of your windscreen allowing you to driver safer.


How Do I Adjust The Speed Of My Windscreen Wipers?
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