How Do I Inflate My Tyre With The Inflation Kit?

Do your tyres need more air?


• Don’t pull out any objects stuck in the tyre, it might make it harder to fix.

• TOP TIP: If the tear or hole is larger than 6mm, it’s too big to fix. Please call for assistance.

• You’ll find the Tyre Inflation Kit in the boot.

• There’s a bottle of sealant and a compressor with hoses attached.

• Wearing protective gloves, check the sealant is in date.

• Shake it, peel off the label and stick it somewhere visible. This shows the max speed limit with sealant in the tyre.

• Unravel the hose in the compressor and connect it to the sealant bottle.

• Now attach the bottle to the holder on the compressor.

• Unscrew the dust cap and screw the sealant bottle hose on to the valve.

• Plug the power cable into the cigar lighter or auxiliary power socket.

• Check your car’s recommended tyre pressure. The label is on the inside of your doorframe.

• Turn on your ignition and Start the compressor.

• Inflate your tyre, but for no longer than 10 minutes.

• IMPORTANT: If your tyre hasn’t inflated after 10 minutes, something’s wrong. Please call for Ford Roadside Assistance. We will help you out, no problem.

• Unscrew the hose. Some sealant might leak out, but that’s normal.

• Screw the dust cap back on, unplug the power cable and unscrew the sealant.

• Drive about two miles / three kilometres so the sealant can seal the damaged area.

• Pull over and check the tyre to make sure the repair has worked. If necessary, top up the pressure with your Inflation Kit.

How Do I Inflate My Tyre With The Inflation Kit?
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