How Can I Check My Car’s Oil Levels?

Not sure how much oil your car has? Here is the answer:

• Before you start, you’ll need a lint free cloth and the correct engine oil for your car.

• It’s good to have oil at the ready: in your boot or at home.

• If the oil level’s low, you’ll see a warning symbol on your dashboard. If you do, pull over and stop somewhere safe. Or drive to the nearest petrol station.

• Park on flat ground. You’ll get a more accurate oil level reading.

• First, make sure your handbrake’s on and your ignition’s off.

• Wait around 10 minutes for the engine to cool. Then open your bonnet, you shouldn’t test the oil when the engine is hot.

• Look inside the engine bay for the dipstick It has a brightly coloured handle.

• Pull the dipstick out, then wipe it on a lint free cloth so the end is oil free. This can get messy, so gloves are a good idea.

• Make sure there is no oil on the stick otherwise it will give the wrong reading.

• Push the dipstick back: all the way in then take it out again. Look closely at the end at the two notches.

• The notches indicate the minimum level and the maximum level of oil. The right amount is somewhere between the two.

• To top up your oil, unscrew the filler cap. Using a funnel will help make the oil not spill.

• When you’re finished, screw the cap back on firmly, make sure the oil isn’t over filled as it can cause engine damage. Now close the bonnet and that’s how to test your oil levels.

How Can I Check My Car’s Oil Levels?
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