How Can I Adjust My Steering Wheel And Chair?

Too far to the steering wheel?  Can’t reach the pedals? These helpful steps will ensure you can drive comfortably and safely.


• First, make sure your handbrake’s on and the ignition’s off.

• Grip the steering wheel and sit upright.

• Push your bottom to the back of the seat, against the backrest.

• Reach under the seat for a lever.

• Pull it up to move the seat forwards and backwards.

• Comfortable? Release the lever and check you can press down on the clutch in a comfortable position.

• Now check the backrest.

• Your shoulders should be touching the backrest. If they’re not, you need to change the angle.

• When that’s right, you need to adjust the seat height. This is also done with a small lever which you can pull up or down depending on how tall you are. You should be able to rest your wrists comfortably on the steering wheel.

• Use the lever to lock the steering column.

• On the side of the seat you’ll find a dial that turns, it is located towards the lower end of the seat. Turn this to change the angle of the backrest to however it may be for yourself.

• Don’t recline the seat too far back because this obstructs your full view of the road.

• Again, you should be able to reach the pedals.

• And when you can see clearly ahead, you’re in the right position.

• Finally, time to adjust the head restraint.

• To change the height, press and hold the locking button.

• The top should be about level with the top of your head.

How Can I Adjust My Steering Wheel And Chair?
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