Air Conditioning not working?


My Name is Chris Harvey, and I am the Service Manager here at Buckingham Ford.

We get a number of calls saying that your air conditioning isn’t getting cold, so this could be for a number of reasons!

One of them is that manufacturers recommend that air conditioning is re-gassed every 3 years. So, if it has been 3 or more years since you have had your air conditioning re-gassed, then a simple re-gas will be the answer! The cost of this re-gas is around £54 – this will then chill down your air conditioning so that you are nice and cool.

Air conditioning should be used all year round, this enables the oils in the air conditioning to seal all of the pipes.

If you don’t use your air conditioning in the winter, you can then find that in the summer when you go to use it, you may have a leak.

What we can do:

There is an air conditioning service available, and it is what we do the most of here at Buckingham Ford! This service is £69 – this allows us to add an increased dye into the aircon fluid and gas which is visible under ultraviolet light.

Our technicians put on goggles and shine their ultra-violet torch so that they can then see if any part of the vehicle has a leak in the system.

One of the main contributing factors to a leak, is the condenser. A condenser is like your coolant radiator, except it holds the air conditionings gasses and fluids! This can be prone to stone chips, and if the stone chip hits it and the gas expires then it will need to be replaced.

The costs of these services do vary depending on the model, and in certain circumstances, we may need to remove the bumper to find out where the leak if coming from.


Keep cool over the summer, keep your air conditioning running over the winter and hopefully your air conditioning will serve you well.

Air Conditioning not working?